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Vindictus is an online role playing game with realistic graphics and physics
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Vindictus is an online role playing game with realistic graphics and physics engine. It is available in many languages and can be played with the mouse or keyboard, or both. It is mainly focused on hack & slash and storyline, meaning a lot of action at a very fast pace. The game is much more similar to single player games than to multiplayer games.

As soon as you enter the game you will be amazed by the storyline. Vindictus has a plot that really makes sense and that will keep you playing just to see what happens next.

You can choose between a limited number of characters (5 in total, although only 4 are available at the moment), and when you finish the first part of the game which acts as a tutorial, you can further customize the character.

The game uses Source as their graphics engine, and it really looks outstanding. I have rarely seen MMO's that look as good as this. A very good physics engine also exists, and this means that a lot of stuff you do in the game will respect the laws of physics, or at least simulate something close to that. You can interact with the environment, destroy it, use it to your advantage and more. The gameplay mechanics are also really well done. Combat is simple but very entertaining, you can make combo's between skills and simple attacks and if you time them perfectly you will do more damage.

The game also offers a lot of content regarding items and it does have a lot of maps. Overall, Vindictus is an amazing game, and I think it is the best Hack & slash online game at the moment.

Dennis Niels
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  • Excellent graphics
  • Great physics engine
  • Good sound effects
  • Good storyline
  • High player base


  • Combat can get repetitive
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